You may be wondering what the difference is between a financial advisor and a money coach and it is a good question because there is a general assumption that your financial advisor is your one-stop shop; your be-all and end-all of financial guidance, but this is far from the truth.

There are so many things that a money coach helps you with that you’d expect would be part of a financial advisor’s repertoire, but you’d be mistaken.


If a financial advisor was a CAR SALESPERSON, then the money coach would be the ADVANCED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR.

The financial advisor sells the products that are used to provide wealth protection and wealth creation, but the money coach teaches you how to manage the complex mechanisms around money such as:

– Financial Goal setting

– Budget Mastery

– Debt Management & Strategies

– Credit Management

– Developing an Abundance Mindset to become a Money Magnet  


Absolutely. You don’t want to only address one aspect of your financial reality. 

There is no point in taking advanced driving lessons without a car, and without the driving lessons, the car isn’t useable.

Steve Hughes is BOTH (and more)

Steve Hughes is an award-winning independent financial advisor with over a decade experience and he is also a Master Life Coach specializing in Money and Business Coaching.

With these two skills, and the businesses that he owns, Steve can do more for your financial health than anyone you’ve ever met before.

Feel free to contact me today.


– 083 280 3202


Any and all comment and opinion in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. Please contact me should you need to meet to receive personal financial advice. 

Steve Hughes is a representative of Oracle Brokers (FSP – 28418) and is licensed to sell insurance and investment products under the Oracle Brokers’ FSP license. Steve Hughes is NOT an FSP. 

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