“15% guaranteed return with what looks like no risk? Yeah right!!!”

This is what I exclaimed with almost hostile disbelief when I first heard about this platform. As the owner of a few businesses, an independent financial planner for a decade and a financial writer and radio presenter for years I am skeptical, cynical and cautious when it comes to everything financial. If you thought you were cautious, I bet I’m worse.

I challenge you to challenge me on this article and the claims within. If you’re an investor or a financial advisor then I’m sure you’re a little curious.

8 years into my career in the financial world I decided to go on a pilgrimage of investigation to see just what else is available in the marketplace as I had lost faith in traditional investments. During my searching I stumbled upon a unicorn. Not an actual unicorn (obviously), but a financial one. A mythical creature that everyone wishes existed but that had never seen before.

In a world of investment ‘horses’, ‘donkeys’ and lately, a lot of ‘asses’, I was skeptically curious, but curious non-the-less. I dug deeper and after a lot of reading of endorsements and legal opinions from some of SA’s leading law firms, I was stunned. This was what every investor wants but what almost no advisor even knows about.

Besides the standard 5 asset classes that make up the traditional investment structure (cash, bonds, property, equity and commodities) there is another asset class that has been around for centuries, and one that you’ve almost definitely been a part of, but only at the receiving end. That is the ‘lending’ asset class, and this means specific type of loans to a very stable and qualified borrowing market.

Here is what makes this a thing of beauty.

When you’ve wanted to borrow money from the bank, they perform due diligence on you (security level 1). They get you to sign a contract (security level 2). They keep ownership of the asset as collateral (security level 3). And then, to top it off, they are protected by legislation (security level 4). The contract locks you into a prime-linked interest for the duration meaning that there is no risk to them of negative returns. I don’t know if you are aware, but some of the more popular funds lost around 3- 5% of their client’s investment funds over the past 12 months before they even took their fees and commissions (and in some cases, also a performance BONUS).

So, if the banks can get a GUARANTEED return, with the only risk being a drop in the prime rate (the lowest it has been in the last 30 years was 8.5%, then why the heck can’t YOU?!

Well, you can, and it gives you the exact risk protection that the banks get when they lend money out.

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Prime interest rate since 1998 – https://www.portfolio-property.com/interest-rates


There are a number of options available, including:

  • lump sum amounts for capital growth which offer a Prime+5% return
  • annuitized (month payments out) options offering Prime+3% returns (incredible for retired people and people requiring a month income)
  • recurring payment models offering Prime+5%
  • and even a capital insured option offering Prime+3% (insured by Hollard)

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL.

Unlike traditional platforms that make you carry the fees and commissions, this option allows the borrower, and not the lender to pay these, so they don’t eat into YOUR returns.

So how safe is it? That is, at the end of the day, the biggest question isn’t it?

You’d be getting the same 4 levels of protection as listed earlier (go back and check them out), and despite being tested 4 times in the appellate division of the supreme court of appeal, not a single person has lost a cent in the last 21 years. NOT ONE CENT!!! Not even the banks can boast that.

Go back and look at your returns over the past 5 years. When you’ve stopped groaning at your returns, you’ll understand the need for a change.

There are minimum amounts and terms, but this this article is getting long, so I’m going to invite you to get in touch if you have any questions on this platform. I have a lot of clients currently seeing their money double every 5 years. I’m sure you’d like the same for yours.



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