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You have been personally invited to an event that has been carefully designed for an elite group. I call the concept ‘fringe financial disruption’ as it is a concept that only makes sense to a select few, namely:

  • highly skilled professionals
  • successful business owners
  • established individuals and families.

There are unique problems that these people face, and the Platinum Event has been created to briefly highlight solutions for these problems.

At this event you will hear about:

  • simple and compliant ways to reduce one’s tax liability
  • investment methods that offer returns far beyond what the marketplace currently offers
  • lifestyle enhancements that will expand your experiences
  • offshore investment possibilities
  • and so much more.

It’s a short, intimate and enjoyable event, with a perfect balance of experience and information without the traditional sales pitches or information overload.

Everyone that has attended a Platinum Event has been blown away, and this includes medical professionals, successful business owners, and many more.

We look forward to seeing you there.

~ Steve Hughes    (founder)

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[boc_spacing][boc_heading alignment=”center”]WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT PLATINUM [/boc_heading][boc_spacing][boc_testimonials autoplay=”yes” autoplay_interval=”10000″ loop=”yes” auto_height=”yes”][boc_testimonial author=”Bertus Albertse” author_title=”Owner of Body 20 (International)” picture_url=”24522″]”When Steve invited me to the Platinum life event I thought it would just be another sales presentation. However my experience was quite the opposite. Classy venue with beer and chocolate tasting not to mention highly informative speakers that have real value to offer. I highly recommend attending one of these exclusive events.”[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Sheldon Frank” author_title=”Entrepreneur Coach” picture_url=”24523″]The event was great; the venue was perfect; and the catering and wine etc. was a nice touch. The talks were great and the other entrepreneurs had some great businesses.[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Alan Haefele” author_title=”Owner of Haefele Software” picture_url=”24524″]- I loved it.. I thought the speakers were each really interesting. The talks alone were cool, but made extra special with the overall tasting experiences. I though it was really cool![/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Mark Morris” author_title=”Owner of Acumen” picture_url=”24525″]I must admit that I am always skeptical of “fringe” products as there are so many scammers out there these days but the presentations were informative and professional to the extent that a lot of my skepticism was addressed. The tone of the evening was perfect.[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Dr Suvir Singh” author_title=”Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgeon”]The Platinum evening was very well organised and enjoyable. The speakers were well prepared and professional.[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Dr Paulo Brogneri” author_title=”Founder of H.U.M.A.N. & Biological Dentist” picture_url=”24530″]Steve Hughes’ PLATINUM EVENT is well worth the time and effort to hear of different options available in wealth creation and tax optimization. This is certainly not information that the average financial advisor provides. The event was well worth it considering the information provided in a well packaged presentation.[/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials][boc_spacing height=”60px”][boc_divider divider_height=”2px” divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_spacing]
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