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“My portfolio is already being managed

That’s great.  A question worth asking is, “Is my portfolio optimized to include the following benefits?”

Ensuring that you are fully tax compliant while significantly reducing how much tax you pay

Structure your personal and business portfolio in such a way as to remove estate costs and estate freezing instead of merely selling you policies to cover the estate costs

Reduce your insurance premiums by eradicating unnecessary costs through optimization of one’s personal and commercial structures

Show you ways to transfer properties into an asset protection structure while reducing or even removing the transfer duties

We create robust and impregnable asset protection structures

Save you from having to pay unnecessary 7(c) interest on loans

Much, much more that we are confident you’ve never seen before, all intended to dramatically improve your personal and commercial financial landscape, both now and in the future

If not, then it’s time we meet.

Financial planning is not about writing policies, it’s about building legacies

Platinum is ideal for


As a specialist at the top of your field, we design a financial structure in such as way as to significantly reduce your tax burden which results in an increase in your net income by as much as 20%.

Business Owners

Business owners deserve a full service that allows them to focus on their business while their financial structures provide optimized need-based solutions, tax efficiency, the best employee care and complete risk mitigation.

Established & Discerning

You have invested so much into what you have. We make sure that your assets and estate are protected from unforeseen events. You appreciate the finer things in life and as a result, you want only the best. We offer just that.

Platinum is for the select few

Our specialised Offerings

A blend of creative portfolio design, caring service delivery and superb attention to detail ensure excellent financial security

Tax Reduction

How you structure your business determines the amount of tax you pay. Being tax efficient can decrease your tax liability while ensuring that you are fully tax compliant.

Estate Protection

So often, so much of what a person builds up is lost when they pass on. We can structure your estate in such a way that there is no loss of value, no estate freezing and no estate costs.

Trust Optimization

Not all trusts are correctly structured. We ensure that your trusts protect your assets and that they are completely tax efficient while reducing the 7(c) interest expense.

Risk Mitigation

The assets of business owners are often exposed to risk from unforeseen factors linked to their businesses. We are able to free them from risk exposure.

The Platinum client has a unique set of needs, and the Platinum team have carefully structured our offerings with those specialised needs in mind.

The niche services required by high net-worth individuals and business owners far surpass those provided by brokers as it takes an exceptional understanding of tax law, estate planning and lateral thinking to be able to ensure full estate protection, tax reduction and risk mitigation that my team and I can provide.

I would like to invite you to meet with us so that we can discuss the potential of further reducing your tax, estate, business & interest costs and optimisation of your personal & business structures.

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I created the Platinum Events as a way to provide an intimate, invitation only evening in which guests experience exclusive lifestyle services and products while being briefly introduced to some incredible financial concepts and opportunities.

If you would like to find out if you qualify for an invitation, please feel free to get in touch.


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