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As a business owner I bring real-world experience to the financial planning guidance that I give. So often I see businesses and their owners with unsuitable planning in place which could expose the businesses or the owners to significant financial risk.

I ensure that businesses, business owners, Executives, Directors and shareholders receive the correct advice so that the optimum portfolio is designed and implemented.

Knowing that you have a business financial planning specialist allows you to run your business with peace of mind at the fact that your risk portfolio and planning has been optimized.

The story SO FAR

I started as a financial planner with Liberty Life in 2010 and was awarded Financial Advisor of the year for 2010 at the franchise. In 2013 I moved to a Discovery franchise but I truly believed that to offer excellent guidance and solutions, a broker should be completely independent.

In 2016 I was approached to join Prism Employee Benefits to be one of the founding brokers of the Cape Town branch. Prism EB’s reputation and industry leading offerings made the decision to join them the obvious choice.

Through Prism Employee Benefits I am able to offer a brand-agnostic independent financial planning solution that is specifically tailored to meet each individual or company’s unique need.

As a result of my years of experience as a business owner, as well as my passion for client-centric financial guidance, I focus primarily on business, business owners, Executives and Directors to guide them towards optimal financial health, although I am always willing to share my time with those that understand the importance of specialist financial planning services.

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